Wedding, anyone? Artful, Unposed Photographs

22 Mar
The Secret City: The Body this Sunday at Dixon Place

If you’ve not been Secret Citied, then Sunday is your time. Impresario/ring leader/raconteur Chris Wells’ theme this Sunday, at 11:30am, Dixon Place, is The Body. How to describe the Secret City? I dunno. Its a fun mix of nearly everything. Its kinda a performance but with restorative reflections. The above pictures were taken at a

21 Mar
AIPAD 2011 Photography: Things I Like

Upon first entering, Yossi Milo’s booth stood out, and seemed to be one of the best showing at the fair. Two striking Pieter Hugo photographs greeted you, from the series, “The Hyena and Other Men.” Next, around the corner, at Bonni Benrubi, were a few interesting black and white photographs by Paola Pellegrin (above; forgive

11 Mar
Finishing Funding Grants for Media and New Media Artists: From MIRA’S LIST

From the great MIRA’S LIST blog: Finishing Fund Grants for artists in media, new or otherwise, up to $2,500 to help complete diverse and innovative moving-image and sonic art projects. As per her site, “Eligible forms include single or multiple channel film and video, computer based moving-imagery and sound works, installations and performances, interactive works

09 Mar
Photoshop Tutorials: I Make House Calls

I’ve been offering customized Photoshop lessons and individual tutorials to beginner photographers and advanced professionals. I make house calls! I can help if you are just getting started, have specific questions, or would like to set up weekly sessions. Curves? Masks? Sharpening? All can be elucidated in an easy going, relaxed, patient way. Feel