28 Jun
I’m Going to Sleep Next to Glaciers in Greenland: What Do I Need?

I Won A Grant to Photograph Melting Glaciers in Greenland. The Only Problem: I’ve Never Camped Before In My Life. See also, “Photographing the Haunting Beauty of Melting Glaciers in Greenland,” and, “Why I Slept Next to a Glacier: A Fine Art Photography Project in Greenland“ What Do I Need? Follow on Social Media Using

26 Jun
Fog at Twilight; Horizon Blending Sky and Water (Nightlandscape in Newfoundland)

Rocks and Fog at Twilight: Nightlandscape in Newfoundland The summer nights in Newfoundland are stunning, particularly when the fog rolls in at twilight. It took some time to editor, color correct and retouch this image to match the evocative feeling that I had standing on the edge of the water.

02 Jun
The Complete List of Emergency Funds/Grant for Visual Artists

See related articles: Fine Art Photography Teaching Tutorial: The “Crit” The Shining Unicorn: How to Get an Art Gallery Follow These 8 Tips When Appling For NYFA Grants for Photographers and Visual Artists 20 Effective Grant Writing Tips For Artists/Fine Art Photographers Find Your Way Creatively: Let the Work Lead You Through, A Guide for

28 May
Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship Application Deadline May 30

One of the Few Remaining Photography Grants: Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship Grant Deadline: May 30. It’s that time once again: applying to the Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship. With more than 1,100 entries, it’s also one of the most competitive grants for photographers. The process is easy though, which is probably why so many apply, since

03 May
Photographing the Haunting Beauty of Melting Glaciers in Greenland

Changing Climate and History: “Inertia,” Greenland Photography Project Funded by the American-Scandinavian Foundation and Lois Roth Endowment Photographing the Haunting Beauty of Melting Glaciers, Aiming to Link History and the Environment Informed by Changing Climate and History Follow on Social Media Using #GreenlandPhoto Capturing the receding glaciers in Greenland is the focus of recent grants

30 Apr
Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light (Photo Commission)

Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light Photo Commission, Steve Giovinco Cassandra stood in the kitchen, with afternoon light.   See related article: Find Your Way Creatively: Let the Work Lead You Through, A Guide for Artists and Photographers

20 Apr
Until the End of the World: Wyoming Night

It Seems Like the End is Near: Night Photography in Wyoming The town of Buffalo is about twenty miles away, but it oddly glowed in the foggy night. Strange. Later it rained, and nearby on the main road, a truck stopped in the middle of the road with no driver; moments later it was gone.

06 Apr
Congratulations to the 5%: Recent Guggenheim Photography Fellows

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Photography Fellow Winners Here’s the list of Guggenheim photography winners (congrats to them all, including Lyle and Robin): Dru Donovan Hasan Elahi McNair Evans Lyle Ashton Harris Matthew Jensen Alex Majoli Eileen Neff Louie Palu Robin Schwartz Lida Suchy Yvonne Venegas There seems to be a range of work: “straight”