28 Nov
Digital Photographers Backup Plan: Create an Image

Yet again, hard drive or operating system failure lead me thank myself for creating complete replication or image of my current drive. Using Acronis True Image, I created an image of my complete drive, which includes partitions containing the OS, programs, and all images. I then create a data back up to an external drive.

18 Nov
Paola Ferrario at Sue Scott Gallery

At Sue Scott’s opening last night were colorful series of images playing with time and juxtaposition of everyday objects by Paola Ferrario (whom I’ve not seen in nearly 20 years).  Its always tricky placing single images together to make a whole but she pulls it off, and its fun to see.   Two in a week: Yale

13 Nov
Steve B. Smith Photos at Sasha Wolf

Steve B. Smith’s exhibition includes some of the best prints, I believe, in New York at the moment. His work has been shown at MoMA and elsewhere, and prints and images are extremely well made and beautiful. Reproductions do not nearly present the clarity of the vision and quality of the work so please see

29 Sep
New Season

The season starts with Hellen van Meene at Yancey Richardson.  Haunting, these small photographs are some of the best I’ve seen this month. Maya Lin at Pacewildenstein: Given that her piece is in the same exact place and uses a similar concept (everyday components, in this case 2×4 wood cuttings–arranged to appear like a mountainous

26 Sep

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