11 Tips on How to Apply for an Artist Residency for Photographers, Artists [Presentation]

22 Feb
11 Tips on How to Apply for an Artist Residency for Photographers, Artists [Presentation]

Here Are 11 Tips to Use When Applying for an Artist Residency For Fine Art Photographers, Artists, Writers, Filmmakers How to Apply for an Artist Residency for Photographers, Artists: 11 Tips, by Steve Giovinco from Steve Giovinco

31 Mar
The Irrevocably Scarred Landscape of the West Due to Energy Development

Applying to Marion International Fellowship for $18,000 to Photograph The Irrevocably Scarred Landscape in the West  The West’s spectacular energy boom has finally gone bust. And with fuel prices declining, the dream seekers are departing, leaving the landscape irrevocably scarred.   “West: Lost World,” is a journey exploring this changed land. Using photography, music, fictional

01 Apr
Chinati Foundation’s Artist in Residence Program

In case you’ve not visited or heard of Marfa, Texas, besides being an art pilgrimage for Donald Judd, et. al., it should be on a list of artists’ residencies to apply for. The Chinati Foundation offers two month residencies in the amazingly cool locale of West Texas. Near the Mexican boarder and the vast Big

23 Feb
How to Apply for an Artist Residency for Photographers, Artists

Eleven Tips for An Artist Residency Application Attending an artist residency is an important step in an artist’s creative career.  It’s a place to create new work, focus unencumbered by daily distractions, and interact with other like-minded artists or photographers. Applying for an artist residency for some can be a hard process.  Most require a

09 Feb
Landscape Fine Art Photography: Night in the Snow, Saratoga, NY, Steve Giovnico

Snow Landscape Fine Art Photography This was not taken during Storm Nemo that just hit New York and New England, but it reminded me of a snow storm while attending the artist residency Yaddo, in Saratoga Springs, New York.  It was an early March night, believe it or not, and was after a two-foot snow

09 Feb
Fine Art Photography: Landscape Snow in Saratoga at Yaddo, Night

Night Landscape Photography Although this was taken in the past, it reminds me of the current blizzard falling now in New York, looking down Second Avenue during Storm Nemo. This night landscape photograph was taken at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, New York during a March night, around 10pm (by Steve Giovinco).

11 Jan
NYFA/New York Foundation for the Arts 2013 Application Work Sample Seminar

NYFA Grant Application Work Sample Seminar New York Foundation for the Arts Program Officer, Christa Blatchford, conducting a Work Sample Seminar at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY. There are some interesting and helpful tidbits for applying for the NYFA grant.