Fog at Twilight; Horizon Blending Sky and Water (Nightlandscape in Newfoundland)

26 Jun
Fog at Twilight; Horizon Blending Sky and Water (Nightlandscape in Newfoundland)

Rocks and Fog at Twilight: Nightlandscape in Newfoundland The summer nights in Newfoundland are stunning, particularly when the fog rolls in at twilight. It took some time to editor, color correct and retouch this image to match the evocative feeling that I had standing on the edge of the water.

28 Oct
While I Watch My Father Die: Photography Exhibition on Snapchat Explores Memory, Emotional Vanishing

A Personal Digital Photo Narrative Exhibited on Snapchat The Photography Show Traces Psychologically Charged Moments of My Father and Myself  November 1 To November 30, 2015 Snapchat: SteveGiovinco For more information:

09 Oct
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere: Song (and Photograph), Wyoming

BEAUTIFUL ISLE OF SOMEWHERE Composer, Jessie B. Pounds Lyrics, John Sylvester Fearis As sung by Harold Jarvis for the Victor Talking Machine Company, 1909 Somewhere the sun is shining, Somewhere the songbirds dwell; Hush, then, thy sad repining, God lives, and all is well. Refrain Somewhere, somewhere, Beautiful Isle of Somewhere! Land of the true,

17 Aug
Nineteenth Century Along the Canal: Photograph in Twilight

Nightlandscape Photo From the Series, “Between” At night, just as sun was setting completely, I came across this scene along the canal in Pennsylvania, which seemed so much like a nineteenth century painting, the source of some of my photographic inspiration.

25 Jun
Tree as X-Ray Cutting Through the Night: New Night Landscapes [Photograph]

While coming at the “T” junction of Route 14 and Route 16 just west of Ucross, Wyoming, over the creek, the light from the sole street light is particularly eerie.  This is from a new series of nightlandscape photographs.

08 Jun
Cats Frolicking in Garbage, Fangs Drawn: It Must Be Summer In Palermo

Palermo Cats Playing Among The Garbage While walking in the late afternoon, I came across this scene of cats playing in garbage along a busy street in Palermo.  Intuitively, I quickly took the photograph. Only later did I see what was really in the photo, which is normally how it happens: you just respond to

30 May
20 Effective Grant Writing Tips For Artists/Fine Art Photographers

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