Moon at Night, Mood is Dark: Nightlandscape Photograph

29 May
Moon at Night, Mood is Dark: Nightlandscape Photograph

While wandering off the straight-as-an-arrow dirt road in the Prairies, a clump of trees appeared, and through one showed the moon in the near complete darkness.  The only other sounds besides my footsteps in the tall grass were crickets. From the fine art photography series, “Between.”

11 May
Start with the Eye not a Camera: How to Learn Fine Art Photography

Learning Fine Art Photography Being an artist/photographer starts not necessarily with a camera but by quietly observing all. Translating this creative vision to a photographic print will come later. Have a Voracious Eye Look at everything; have a voracious eye. Be open to all, and study (without leering), for example, how the man across from

08 May
Snapchat for Fine Art Photography: Disappearance As The Act of Seeing

Is There a “Snapchat Aesthetic”? Similar to the “snapshot” aesthetic that developed out the 60s, and influenced artists such as Garry Winogrand and Diane Arbus and many others, it’s important to review popular culture’s usage of current image making tools. In the sixties and seventies, easy to use cameras brought photography to the masses; today,

28 Apr
Flowers Fading in Morning Light: Father Project, New Photograph

Flowers Fading in Morning Light: Father Project, New Photograph Taken in the kitchen, where there is a beautiful morning light, the flowers faded gradually, partially alive. This is from a new yet to be titled photographic project chronicling my father.

19 Apr
AIPAD New York 2015 Photography Highlights

The art fair that improves each year, and is reasonable to navigate, AIPAD New York, mixes contemporary fine art photography with vintage work (although it’s getting more and more contemporary-based). Here are a few highlights that I came across, although there are many more.  Don’t forget to look in the “bins” where other older Modern

07 Feb
Alec Soth, Songbook, Fine Art Photographs, at Sean Kelly: A View of the World

A View of the World: Alec Soth, Songbook Its refreshing to see a Robert Frank-like view of the (American) world today: “staged” is not a term I think of when seeing Alec Soth, Songbook at Sean Kelly.  Rather, it is a view of a gritty, sad, exuberant now. A roaming survey of specific places that seem

29 Jan
Simple Way to Learn Fine Art Photography: “The Crit”

“The Crit,” an Approach to Learning Fine Art Photography by Looking at Photographs Critically and Nurturing Creativity “The Crit” is a proven way of learning fine art photography. The basic approach is to critically look at an artist’s photographs one-on-one, give thoughtful feedback, and nurture their creative vision. This is mostly based on Yale University’s

07 Oct
Mysterious trees at night, glowing night landscape [Photograph] @SteveGiovinco

Fine art photograph of mysterious trees at night, and glowing night landscape along the canal at New Hope, PA.