Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light (Photo Commission)

30 Apr
Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light (Photo Commission)

Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light Photo Commission, Steve Giovinco Cassandra stood in the kitchen, with afternoon light.   See related article: Find Your Way Creatively: Let the Work Lead You Through, A Guide for Artists and Photographers

08 Mar
Photographs from a Recent Commission, for the site Monegraph

A Recent Commission of Photographs for the Site Monegraph Monegraph, co-founded by Kevin McCoy, reached out to me a while back,  and commissioned a group of photographs for their site. Here are some of them. They have a curious approach: Monegraph is a mix between an online agent and an editioned photo print portfolio.  Here, unlike other sites selling

04 Jan
Haunting is the Night: Photographing the Landscape in Wyoming

I was drawn to this tree at the edge of Artist’s Camp at Brush Creek Ranch Foundation during a recent residency. It was haunting; this long exposure of about 30 minutes was lit by a camp fire we made about twenty feet away.

17 Aug
Nineteenth Century Along the Canal: Photograph in Twilight

Nightlandscape Photo From the Series, “Between” At night, just as sun was setting completely, I came across this scene along the canal in Pennsylvania, which seemed so much like a nineteenth century painting, the source of some of my photographic inspiration.