I Photographed at a 19th Century French Chateau at Night. This is What it Looks Like

25 Sep
I Photographed at a 19th Century French Chateau at Night. This is What it Looks Like

As an Artist-in-Residence, I photographed around this Nineteenth Chateau in Canet, France. Mostly, I would work from around twilight or nightfall to about four in the morning. During the full moon, the light cascading through the forest or through the chateau was eerie and compelling. The exposures lasted about forty minutes each. While waiting, I would

30 Apr
Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light (Photo Commission)

Waiting in Ambiguity: Casandra in Afternoon Light Photo Commission, Steve Giovinco Cassandra stood in the kitchen, with afternoon light.   See related article: Find Your Way Creatively: Let the Work Lead You Through, A Guide for Artists and Photographers

20 Apr
Until the End of the World: Wyoming Night

It Seems Like the End is Near: Night Photography in Wyoming The town of Buffalo is about twenty miles away, but it oddly glowed in the foggy night. Strange. Later it rained, and nearby on the main road, a truck stopped in the middle of the road with no driver; moments later it was gone.

08 Mar
Photographs from a Recent Commission, for the site Monegraph

A Recent Commission of Photographs for the Site Monegraph Monegraph, co-founded by Kevin McCoy, reached out to me a while back,  and commissioned a group of photographs for their site. Here are some of them. They have a curious approach: Monegraph is a mix between an online agent and an editioned photo print portfolio.  Here, unlike other sites selling

29 Jan
Robert and Rick: A Fine Art Photography Commission of Unposed, Natural Wedding Images

Robert and Rick, photographed while buying wedding bands at Tiffany’s and getting their marriage license. They were married at New York City Hall, on December 29, 2015. The photographic wedding commission was unposed, natural and spontaneous.

21 Sep
Artful, Candid, Documentary Approach to Performances and Portraits

Capturing the Real You, in an Artful, Candid, Documentary Way My approach for events, performances and portraits is as a fine art photographer, with a creative, candid, fine art and documentary style. The goal is to capture real moments and genuine emotion spontaneously, artfully. The results are unusually beautiful, lyrical, and unpredictable as I aim to