Twilight at the Edge of the World: Wyoming Photographed

17 Aug
Nineteenth Century Along the Canal: Photograph in Twilight

Nightlandscape Photo From the Series, “Between” At night, just as sun was setting completely, I came across this scene along the canal in Pennsylvania, which seemed so much like a nineteenth century painting, the source of some of my photographic inspiration.

02 Aug
468 Nightlandscape Photographs in Wyoming, in About 47 Seconds [Slideshow]

All 468 Night Landscape Photographs I Made While in Wyoming A Slidewhow of Images Shown in 47.3 Seconds While at the artist residency at Ucross, I made  468 photographs at night. Here they are. They go by, animated in this slideshow at .2 seconds per image, for a total of about 47 seconds–certainly less than

29 May
Moon at Night, Mood is Dark: Nightlandscape Photograph

While wandering off the straight-as-an-arrow dirt road in the Prairies, a clump of trees appeared, and through one showed the moon in the near complete darkness.  The only other sounds besides my footsteps in the tall grass were crickets. From the fine art photography series, “Between.”

22 Apr
Mysterious Night Landscape Photography: A Car Appears Over Mountain, Newfoundland @SteveGiovinco

Mysterious Night Landscape Photography: A Car Appears Over Mountain, Newfoundland @SteveGiovinco   Taken just after twilight ended, a lone car appeared just as I began making this photograph.   was a slightly long exposure, which captured the car’s headlight as it curved around the road, heading into the valley. From the photographic series, “Between.”

14 Apr
Nightlandscape Photographs: A Strange Glow Due North

While heading up Coal Creek Road at around ten pm in near complete darkness one night while attending the Ucross Foundation Residency in Wyoming, a glow usually formed looking directly north. This was Sheridan, a city of about 17,000 people which lies about thirty miles due north. The coal trains could be heard rumbling a

11 Apr
Nightlandscape: Mysterious Forest at Night, @SteveGiovinco

While ending a walk through the forest, I struggled to find my way out. But I had to pause for a moment to make a photograph, this one of some trees just after the sun set, post-twilight. It was so silent, quiet and mysterious for that moment. This image is part of the series, “Between.”