Christmas in Marfa, Texas: Photograph

29 Oct
Hurricane Sandy On Second Avenue; Reminiscent of Newfoundland Storm

As the winds howl outside the Second Avenue Manse due to hurricane Sandy, I’m reminded of the hurricane or remnants of one that hit Long Island–Newfoundland, that is–about four years ago. As the then storm started to move up the coast, catching flights and connecting at Halifax became crucial.  As I just arrived at a house I

13 Sep
Fine Art Photography: Steve Giovinco Night Landscape in Woodstock Vermont

Another night landscape photograph taken (by Steve Giovinco) at around midnight during a full moon, obscured by moving clouds (with an exposure of about 20 seconds)–and some wind too moving the tree branches.  Taken nearly across the road from the large house where I was staying in Woodstock, Vermont at the end of Summer.

10 Sep
Contemporary Fine Art Photography: Woodstock, Vermont Night Landscapes

Staying at this house was a luxurious experience  in Woodstock, Vermont, but I headed down the dirt road at night to take some images of a field looking towards a mountain–I then turned the camera around to take a quick image of the house and then returned to the field.