The Irrevocably Scarred Landscape of the West Due to Energy Development

31 Mar
The Irrevocably Scarred Landscape of the West Due to Energy Development

Applying to Marion International Fellowship for $18,000 to Photograph The Irrevocably Scarred Landscape in the West  The West’s spectacular energy boom has finally gone bust. And with fuel prices declining, the dream seekers are departing, leaving the landscape irrevocably scarred.   “West: Lost World,” is a journey exploring this changed land. Using photography, music, fictional

08 Mar
Mythic Sky, West: Wyoming Landscape, from Brush Creek Artist Residency

One afternoon, the light was amazing. While at the Brush Creek Foundation artist residency in Wyoming, the light, particularly as the sun set, was unlike anything I’ve seen before: it had a searing quality that illuminated everything, but also created a sense of mystery.  Late this one day, while walking up from Artist’s Camp, as

06 Feb
8 Ways Artists and Photographers Should Use Social Media: The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide to Social Media for Artists and Photographers For artists and photographers, social media can seem a bit bewildering. But it’s become an important way to showcase work or even make a sale. True, there might be much clutter out there, but artists can sparkle by sharing their work online (and for those

04 Jan
Haunting is the Night: Photographing the Landscape in Wyoming

I was drawn to this tree at the edge of Artist’s Camp at Brush Creek Ranch Foundation during a recent residency. It was haunting; this long exposure of about 30 minutes was lit by a camp fire we made about twenty feet away.

09 Dec
Find Your Way Creatively: Let the Work Lead You Through, A Guide for Artists and Photographers

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28 Oct
While I Watch My Father Die: Photography Exhibition on Snapchat Explores Memory, Emotional Vanishing

A Personal Digital Photo Narrative Exhibited on Snapchat The Photography Show Traces Psychologically Charged Moments of My Father and Myself  November 1 To November 30, 2015 Snapchat: SteveGiovinco For more information:

09 Oct
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere: Song (and Photograph), Wyoming

BEAUTIFUL ISLE OF SOMEWHERE Composer, Jessie B. Pounds Lyrics, John Sylvester Fearis As sung by Harold Jarvis for the Victor Talking Machine Company, 1909 Somewhere the sun is shining, Somewhere the songbirds dwell; Hush, then, thy sad repining, God lives, and all is well. Refrain Somewhere, somewhere, Beautiful Isle of Somewhere! Land of the true,