Blast of Light/Night: Car Headlight in Foggy Wyoming Night

19 Nov
Walking Through Fear While Photographing in Complete Darkness in Wyoming

I am frightened of the dark. Petrified, really. Yet I do it for my art, and myself. Walking alone in complete darkness photographing in Wyoming (and elsewhere) is fear-inducing. It’s scary to be alone in the forest, hearing the snap of twigs and wondering what is following me, or through the field, getting turned around

03 Oct
The Shining Unicorn: How to Get an Art Gallery

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26 Jul
All the Photographs at the New Whitney Museum: “America Is Hard to See” Show

All Photographs (by Artists Known as Photographers) in the Whitney Museum’s Inaugural Show, “America Is Hard to See” Well, Almost All. Starting from the top, the eighth floor, here are all the photographs in the new Whitney Museum’s first exhibition, “America Is Hard to See.” Nearly all, as it turns out–it seems I missed a

21 May
Follow the Mountain, and Inspirational Tips for Artists/Fine Art Photographers, From Writer Neil Gaiman

Feeling Lost? Head Toward the Mountain Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012 Perhaps oddly, I came across inspiration in a room at 48 Wall Street at around 7:30pm on a Tuesday night. In a bombast-free discussion, happily, (by Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of JUN Group, a great person) pointed

19 Apr
AIPAD New York 2015 Photography Highlights

The art fair that improves each year, and is reasonable to navigate, AIPAD New York, mixes contemporary fine art photography with vintage work (although it’s getting more and more contemporary-based). Here are a few highlights that I came across, although there are many more.  Don’t forget to look in the “bins” where other older Modern

14 Apr
Nightlandscape Photographs: A Strange Glow Due North

While heading up Coal Creek Road at around ten pm in near complete darkness one night while attending the Ucross Foundation Residency in Wyoming, a glow usually formed looking directly north. This was Sheridan, a city of about 17,000 people which lies about thirty miles due north. The coal trains could be heard rumbling a

10 Nov
Something is Wrong with This Picture: Theater Informing Photography at Recent Chelsea Gallery Openings

Recent Chelsea Photography Exhibitions: Theater, Staging, Production Orit Raff at Julie Saul Gallery As I am in photo printing mode–color correcting a new portfolio of work–I’m apt to look closely at photographic prints (“pixel peeping”) to see others at their craft. But when at Julie Saul Gallery, seeing Orit Raff’s show, on closer inspection, I