Forest, 2am: Until the End of the World

30 Mar
Forest, 2am: Until the End of the World

I was making long exposure photographs during a fellowship in Wyoming in the forest. It was completely dark at 2am; I could see nothing in front of me. So, I put the camera and tripod on the path, and came back an hour later. I am usually petrified of the dark, but felt drawn to working

04 Jan
Haunting is the Night: Photographing the Landscape in Wyoming

I was drawn to this tree at the edge of Artist’s Camp at Brush Creek Ranch Foundation during a recent residency. It was haunting; this long exposure of about 30 minutes was lit by a camp fire we made about twenty feet away.

02 Aug
468 Nightlandscape Photographs in Wyoming, in About 47 Seconds [Slideshow]

All 468 Night Landscape Photographs I Made While in Wyoming A Slidewhow of Images Shown in 47.3 Seconds While at the artist residency at Ucross, I made  468 photographs at night. Here they are. They go by, animated in this slideshow at .2 seconds per image, for a total of about 47 seconds–certainly less than