468 Nightlandscape Photographs in Wyoming, in About 47 Seconds [Slideshow]

468 Nightlandscape Photographs in Wyoming, in About 47 Seconds @SteveGiovinco

All 468 Night Landscape Photographs I Made While in Wyoming

A Slidewhow of Images Shown in 47.3 Seconds

While at the artist residency at Ucross, I made  468 photographs at night.

Here they are.

They go by, animated in this slideshow at .2 seconds per image, for a total of about 47 seconds–certainly less than a minute.

I present them here, without editing and in sequence (I did, however, make about another five hundred photographs there: selfportraits, day landscapes, and the like.  They were not included).

One can see the working process if you look close enough.  I move the camera slightly (or substantially), return to several locations, try photographing during moon light or during  overcast sky.  As the series progressed during the weeks, I found favorite spots where the light was oddly magical.

The images also became less about the specific place and more about the emotive feeling reveled in the land.  Strange light glowed in the distance, representing small cities thirty miles or more away, or highway street lamps illuminated nearby trees as if x-rayed, and this became more dominant in later images, replacing photos of stars across the sky.

The slideshow gives a brief recap of work made during about three and a half weeks in remote Wyoming at the residency.

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