George Slade’s re: photographica Blog

I recently came across George Slade’s re: photographica blog, which covers an interesting range of current books, contemporary photographers, all with a historical perspective. He’s recently joined as curator at Boston’s Photographic Resource Center but hails from Minnesota where he worked at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts.

  1. Steve, thanks for mentioning my blog; I hope people will also seek out my writings on the Photographic Resource Center’s blog ( and my book reviews on photo-eye’s online magazine (

    Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean when you write that what I do, what I write, is “all with a historical perspective”?

    I wanted to expand one comment you made in your post. Over nearly twenty years in the photo field in Minnesota I did work at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in a number of temporary roles, mostly as a spot lecturer, writer, and teacher, and most recently in 2008 as the adjunct assistant curator tasked to oversee the massive Lee Friedlander exhibition from MoMA in its visit to Minneapolis. I also worked with several other photography-related institutions in the Twin Cities and Minnesota as a whole; the bulk of my experience was with Minnesota Center for Photography and its earlier incarnation, pARTs Photographic Arts.

    Anyway, thanks again for taking notice.

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