Bibliography of Books on Greenland, Focused on History, Climate Change and Art

Bibliography of Books on Greenland, Focused on History, Climate Change and Art

In preparation for a grant funded by the American-Scandinavian Foundation to Greenland, I compiled a list of books focused on history, climate change and art. For my project, I created a series of night landscape photographs in Southern Greenland.

Alley, Richard B, The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 201

Clark, Wilyem, Greenland. Wilyem Clark.

Cranz, David, The History of Greenland: Containing a Description of the Country, and Its Inhabitants and Particularly, a Relation of the Mission, Carried on for Above These Thirty Years by the Unitas Fratrum, at New Herrnhuth and Lichtenfels, in that Country. Brethren’s Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel among the Heathen and sold, 1767.

Ehrlich, Gretel, This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland. New York: Vintage, 2003.  

Erngaard, Erik, Greenland Then and Now. Lademann, 1972.

Gad, Finn, The History of Greenland From Earliest Times to 1700. C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd, 1970

Jones, Gwyn, The Norse Atlantic Saga. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1964.

Nansen, Fridtjof, The First Crossing of Greenland. Longmans, Green, 1910.

Malaurie, Jean, The Last Kings of Thule. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1985.

Page, Jesse, Amid Greenland Snows; Or, The Early History of Arctic Missions. Revell, 1892.

Philip Conkling, Richard Alley, Wallace Broecker and George Denton, Lessons from Abrupt Climate Change. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2013.

Rasmussen, Knud, The people of the Polar north; a record. Рипол Классик, 1908.

Kent, Rockwell, N by E. Wesleyan University Press, 2011.

Riis Carstensen, Andreas Christian, Two Summers in Greenland: An Artist’s Adventures Among Ice and Islands, in Fjords and Mountains. Chapman & Hall, Limited, 1890.

Smiley, Jane, The Greenlanders. Anchor, 2005.

Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, Greenland. New York: Doubleday, Doran & co., inc., 1942.

Wright Warren Upham, George Frederick , Greenland Icefields and Life in the North Atlantic: With a New Discussion of the Causes of the Ice Age. New York : D. Appleton, 1896

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