Chelsea Art Gallery Openings Fall 2012: Disasters and Sperm

Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal Part of the exhibition "Concordia, Concordia."

The evening started with a slightly hushed awe at Thomas Hirschhorn’s “Concordia, Concordia” at Gladstone Gallery in Chelsea, where in a Poseidon Adventure-sque installation filled the gallery, which seemed tilted on its side with various forms of detritus, chairs and ship debris everywhere.

Next, Frank Benson, Peter Fischli and David Weiss presented a more ordered affair at “Airports and Extrusions” at Andrew Kreps.  I preferred the extrusions, which seemed oddly compelling and slightly disquieting (the scale was small and were placed on white table-level pedestals).

Darn, sorry I missed Polumbo “Love Stream” at Steven Kasher Gallery, whose worked I liked (and met at a Yaddo Benefit several years ago).

Diana Al-Hadid “The Vanishing Point” at Marianne Boesky Gallery was a highlight.  The dripping sculptures seem to be part architectural science fiction and part mythic structure.

Andreas Slominski presented “Sperm” literally so it seems at Metro Pictures.  The only evidence of the fluid, besides the small placards placed near the floor, were certain small puddles of wetness in the large room (donkey?).

Andrea Zittel “FluidPanelState” at Andrea Rosen exhibited floor textiles, wall coverings and works on paper (not weaved).

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