City Pays Artists to Stay: St Louis Offers No-Strings Grants

Starting this summer, artists can apply for no-strings-attached grants in St. Louis.

St Louis Offers Grants to Keep Artists
St Louis Offers Grants to Keep Artists

This an effort to keep artists in the Midwest city and is offered by the Regional Arts Commission.  Ten grants  from the $20,000 will be awarded starting in September.  Other cities provide similar funding, by the way, such as Cleveland, Chicago, Portland and Seattle.

St Louis offers grants to keep artistsThe grants are among the largest offered by a regional arts agency in the U.S. Artists from all fields — visual arts, dance, theater, film, poetry–can apply.

St. Louis realizes that artists mean economic development for neighborhoods.  Since most artists work multiple jobs and make less than $25,000 annually, grants allow time to create work.

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