Congratulations to the 5%: Recent Guggenheim Photography Fellows

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Photography Fellow Winners

Here’s the list of Guggenheim photography winners (congrats to them all, including Lyle and Robin):

Dru Donovan
Hasan Elahi
McNair Evans
Lyle Ashton Harris
Matthew Jensen
Alex Majoli
Eileen Neff
Louie Palu
Robin Schwartz
Lida Suchy
Yvonne Venegas

There seems to be a range of work: “straight” documentary; the Yale approach; and work pushing the boundaries of the photographic image. What is a bit unusual is the number of grants awarded in photography: eleven is almost the double the norm.

This year, 3,000 people in total applied in all categories, and 178 Fellowships were awarded. This means that the chance of winning the grant is slightly more than five percent.  Or, to put it another way, about 177 photographers applied and only eleven were selected.

For me, Dru Donovan’s work is very strong, as are Matthew Jensen and Robin Schwartz.

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