Creative Ways to Display Photos in Your Home: Redfin Real estate

Creative Ways to Display Photos in Your Home Via Redfin

Suggestions on How to Display Photographs at Home

Some of my comments on how to display fine art photos are included, with others, in Redfin’s real estate website:

Unless using prohibitively expensive Museum Glass, properly lighting a framed photograph is challenging due to glare and possible fading if it’s an older Chromogenic or “C-print”.

A solution might be to hang the piece in a hallway, nook or a slightly out-of-the-way place. Depending on the size (smaller might be better) and the subject, this could draw your attention to another part of the room or space that is normally not considered the obvious place for a photo but could turn out to be the perfect spot.

Read other comments from Redfin’s site which discuss lighting, framing, and locations for photographs from other photographers.

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