Greenland is Melting: Ice Broken From Glacier [Video]

Darkland: Night Landscape Photographs of Greenland [Book Dummy]

Book Proposal:

Night Landscape Photographs Taken in Greenland

Spanning history, environmentalism, and primordial beauty, I trace the lyrical night landscapes of Greenland and document irreversible environmental changes. While these photographs crystallize a feeling of inertia happening among the fjords, glaciers, and communities, they also capture a haunting, primordial feeling.

Beyond documentation, however, these photographs crystallize a feeling of inertia taking place in the primordial landscape of Greenland.

As the raw land is exposed through melting glacial ice, I feel there is a link between environment and culture if a cultural truth is being unearthed. Just as traditional life seems to be quietly abandoned in a churning retreat, so too is present-day ice melting mostly forgotten. There is a feeling of absence, impending human failure, tragedy, and the crushing force of nature being played out in a lonely place in both cases.

I want to capture the immensity of the space in ethereal light, revealing both a lyrical beauty and inexorable horror in its destruction. I tried to photograph this feeling of loss, discovery, and change.

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