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Emerging Membership program
Deadline: November 20th, 2011

The relaunch of the website is timely, as it will also enable prospective entrants to understand the Alice Society’s updated registration policies for participation in the Alice Awards and the new, special program for emerging artists.

For the latter, Alice Awards is now offering an original five-year Emerging Membership program designed to encourage and discover the future generation of artists, curators, critics who want to further engage with the global contemporary art community. For a one-time fee of only €25, artists, curators and critics under 35 years of will be offered (5) five years of guaranteed access to an ID-account, where they will be allowed to upload up to three (3) projects per year. This work will then be judged by the Global Board of Contemporary Art, for five consecutive years. To be eligible, you must send a recent CV or résumé and apply for Emerging Membership.

Thus, the Alice Society enters its most exciting, dynamic period to date-with the Alice Awards model existing to serve the broader contemporary art community, to promote the highest quality in contemporary art community, to encourage the free exchange of ideas and experiences and to stimulate inter-professional, post-institutional and transnational relationships in the interest of innovation and the development of contemporary art, the inaugural annual Alice Awards, backed up by its revitalised website, aims to expand the boundaries of what is considered possible in the contemporary art field. Why not join us?

To apply to become a member of the Alice Society and the Global Board of Contemporary Art, visit The deadline for entries to the Alice Awards is Sunday, November 20th, 2011. Nominees will be announced in January 2012 and winners will be honoured in February 2012.

As far as the registration process is concerned, full details are of course available at, but it must be stressed that, before an application for a membership can be accepted, it must meet the all-important criteria of Involvement and Devotion, meaning that, in the judgment of the Alice Society Board of Trustees, all applicants MUST have a strong involvement with and devotion to contemporary art, namely the ideas and work developed in this field.


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