Fine Art Photographer and Teacher Lisette Model

Lisette Model, who died in 1983, known as a fine art photographer whose searing images influenced a generation of great photographers, in many cases quite literally: she taught Diane Arbus, Larry Fink, among others, many of whom went on to leave their own marks on American photographic history.  Others were: Peter Hujar, Raymond Jacobs, Leon Levinstein, Eva Rubinstein, Gary Schneider, Rosalind Solomon, and Bruce Weber.

Born in Vienna in 1901 Lisette Model came to New York in the late 30’s, and  embraced much of the American artistic actives that surrounded her in the 40’s and 50’s.  This jumble might have influenced her work in Coney Island, jazz clubs, local hangouts, Fifth Avenue and other New York City locales.

In her work is a lurking and  deeply felt humanness but eleganance and a bit of the profane–this all makes her one of Twentieth century’s most significant photographers.

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