Henry Wessel, Jr. at Pace/McGill; Keren Moscovitch Talk at SVA

Henry Wessel, Jr. at Pace/McGill

Hank, as he’s known, is best recognized for his iconic landscape photographs of Southern California and the Southwest from the seventies.  They mostly capture suburban homes with deadpan directness.

Henry Wessel,Tuscon,Arizona, 1974. Courtesy Pace/McGill

Opening on April 24, 2013 at Pace/McGill Gallery was new work by Henry Wessel, Jr., which seems a bit of a departure.  People populate these moderately sized black and white photographs. Keenly observed and sun drenched, the images capture the banally of the American landscape with a “snapshot” aesthetic and an eye towards Garry Winogrand.

Keren Moscovitch Talk at SVA

Keren Moscovitch, Last Night, 2010

Later that evening at SVA was a talk by fine art photographer and teacher, Keren Moscovitch.  Her revealing photographs of intimate sexual and psychological moments of couples, “Me into You,” show her an active participant, photographer, and subject in the work.  Interesting too is her recent project #three3some, a collaborative social media narrative between two others that unfold unpredictably through Instagram (#three3some @Instagram) and Tumblr (three3some.tumblr.com).


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