iDubai: New Joel Sternfeld book taken with iPhone

The ever thoughtful DLK COLLECTION blog offered an extensive review of iDubai, Joel Sternfeld’s new book, curiously taken by using an iPhone. Yet, using one of the most consumerist forms of image making (by using a so-called smart phone), especially in this case where the Joel Sternfeld’s subject is itself consumerism gone wild, is a way of melding form and subject, because the way the artwork is made further comments on the subject being studied.

Akin to the introduction of the unobtrusive Leica, the ubiquity of these small devices and instantaneous distribution of images makes for a new tact in photography today.

By the way, Joel visited the Yale University graduate photography program when I attended and showed us some of his images taken with a large format camera which later became a book; I’ve appreciated his approach and work over the years.

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