Listings for Independent Photo Books

Interesting new take on book distribution: a blog to aid the distribution of dyi books & zines.

Jorg states it like this:

The idea behind The Independent Photo Book is simple: You email us the information about your independent photo book or zine – following the guide lines outlined on the blog – and we’ll create a post with the information about it. No selection – we post whatever we get, as long as it’s an independent photo book or magazine.

Let me stress that the idea behind the blog is to allow people to not only find out about the book/zine, but also to buy it. So if your book/zine can’t be bought, we won’t list it. And of course it’s great if your book or zine can be bought at Walter’s Mom and Pop Bookshop in St. Middleofnowhere, but that doesn’t help anyone – so you need to send us the link to a page where people can buy the book online.

From the PhotoBook blog:

– We only accept announcements about existing print books or zines (strictly no fundraisers)
– no repeat announcements or “special offers” or “30% off” sale announcements
– we only list books or zines that cannot be bought via (or any other Amazon or internet book seller), or actual (chain) book shop – specialty/photo shops such as Schaden or Dashwood, of course, are perfectly fine.

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