Views Magazine Review, with Lisa Philips, Glenn Lowry, Thomas Campbell, Donald Baechler, Jennifer Rubell, Mark Davis, by Gigi Kracht

Views Magazine Review, with Lisa Philips, Glenn Lowry, Thomas Campbell, Donald Baechler, Jennifer Rubell, Mark Davis, by Gigi Kracht

Thanks for the kind words by collector Gigi Kracht. Read the whole series of articles on museum directors (Lisa Philips, Glenn Lowry, Thomas Campbell!) and artists (Donald Baechler, Jennifer Rubell, Mark Davis).

“Much of contemporary photography and video seems haunted by
the past, by the history of art, by apparitions that are endlessly reanimated
in reproductive mediums, live performances and the virtual
world. Steve Giovinco, a fine-art photographer born on August 31,
1961, in Terrytown, New York, prefers to document the emotional reverberations
of daily life, specifically focusing on lyrical nightscapes and
emotional relations between couples, portraying himself and others in
what amount to diaristic images. Using ambient light, he takes digital
photographs intuitively, without really knowing what the final outcome
will be: whether they will encapsulate a melancholy longing for an
irrecoverable past, or simply turn out to be a momentary snapshot. As I
see it, Giovinco’s photographic imagery tells stories. In the process, it underscores
the unique power of reproductive media and, as such, reflects the extensive degree to which photography has now been incorporated in contemporary art.

Following his 1989 graduation as a Master of Fine Arts in Photography at Yale University in New Haven, he was awarded fellowships to attend Yaddo artist residencies in 2001, 2002 and 2010, and to serve as Artist in Residence at
the Bakery, Westbrook, Maine. Giovinco has also won the coveted Photoworks ‘93 Prize and the Image ‘88 First Prize Award in Guilford, Connecticut.

Museums that have collected Giovinco’s works include the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Yale University Museum of Art, The Butler Institute of American Art, The California Museum of Photography, Winnipeg
Art Gallery and the Lower Art Museum in Miami, Florida. Solo museum exhibitions to date include the California Museum of Photography, Fotogalerie Wien in Vienna, the VELAN Center in Torino, Italy, and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Giovinco is represented by Jim Kempner Fine Art in New York, where numerous exhibitions of his works have been reviewed and published by Art in America. His works have featured in exhibitions both in Europe and North America.
He has also published three books and had his photographs auctioned at Sotheby’s as well as at several benefit events. As part of the series «The Mystery of Creativity,» filmmaker David McDonald created a brief video covering Giovinco
and his work. Through his photography, Steve Giovinco has established not only a new mode of visual production, but also a new conception of artwork as a repository of autobiographical, cultural and historical information. Both
his nightscapes and landscapes appear to be a poetic reflection on the inexorable passing of time, highlighting the importance of remembrance and the force of the uncanny.

Steve Giovinco lives and works in New York City. The photographs that appear here reveal a profound, poetic and mysterious soul indeed!”

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