Millay Colony and Bemis Residencies for Artists and Fine Art Photograrphers

There are two artist residencies great for photographers (as well as other types of visual artists).

The first is the Millay Colony for the Arts and is set in upstate New York (about an hour away from Yaddo in Saratoga).  Millay accepts a handful of artists, writers, and composers for each of their three and a half week sessions, April through November.  No letter of reference is required and the next due date is September 30, 2012.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, set in Omaha, offers three month residencies for a few artists at a time.  A stipend, studio and living apartment is included, and is set in downtown Omaha.  The deadline for the Bemis residency is October 1, 2012.  This could be a particularly interesting opportunity for a fine art photographer, I think, because its one of the few residencies that are in an urban location, and thus allows for more opportunities for shooting a variety of things.

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