Photography Photoshop Tutorial NYC


For Photographers, professional or otherwise, or those just wanting to learn
I offer customized Photoshop and photography lessons and individual tutorials to beginner photographers and advanced professionals. I make house calls! I can help if you if you are just getting started, have specific questions, or would like to set up weekly sessions. Need to know your camera? Want to understand your work and take artful pictures? Need to know color correction in Photoshop?

I’d love to teach you fine art photography as well: We’d sit one-on-one to review your portfolio, discuss your interests, give gentile but honest critique of your work, and suggest next steps to improve your art. I focus on the esthetics of your picture, the composition, color (or black and white), as well as technical issues such as good exposure, Photoshop and printing.

All can be elucidated in an easy going, relaxed, patient way.

Feel free to contact me!
(347) 559-4952

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