Photoshop CS6 Video, Updates for Fine Art Photographers

There are many, many changes in the newest version of Adobe’s Photoshop CS6.  Here are a few that might be of interest to contemporary fine art photographers:

Dark UI
If you’re a fan of a dark interface, Photoshop now has the ability to go from the normal grey interface all the way to a dark grey or black interface.  This can make editing images easier to see.

UI Consistency
Photoshop usually had a problem where there were buttons in one dialog box, sliders in another, checkboxes in a third. By having a consistent look to the program, it makes it very easy for you to get efficient and consistent.

All-New Crop Tool

The crop tool has been completely redesigned, including pure aspect ratios, quick access to the tool and presets, rotation changes for the image, adding canvas changes.


Patch Tool With Content-Aware Option
If you were a fan of the Content Aware tool in Photoshop CS5, you can now use the Patch tool with the same Content Aware Technology.
Content-Aware Move  Tool

If you ever wanted to move objects inside of Photoshop its easier now with a new technology – content aware move.

Contact Sheet II and PDF Presentation Are Back in the App

Many users were fans of Contact Sheet II and PDF Presentation and wanted them to return to Photoshop–and now they have them back.

File Import Changes
File Import Image from Device now supports ImageKit scanning and camera acquisition support.

Mini Bridge Uses a Filmstrip Mode

Improved Performance 

There is an improvement in performance and speed on a variety of tools.

Adaptive Wide Angle 

With the new version of Photoshop you can create lens profiles or select from preset to automatically correct for lens distortions

  Background Save, Auto-Save and Auto Recover

Get an added level of security knowing that Photoshop can now save your work as you go. In the event of losing something accidentally you even get an option to auto recover it.

Photography Upgrades

White Balance and Noise Reduction as a Brush
In Adobe Camera Raw you can now selectively paint in White Balance changes as well as Noise reduction.

New Controls for Black/White/Highlights/Shadows
To call these controls new is an understatement. The sliders have been completely redesigned to give you an incredible amount of control in adjusting your Camera Raw files.


You can now do video with the regular  version of Photoshop. You also have the option to add music, add transitions, add effects, and render video using the Adobe Video Encoder.


Face Detection in Select>Color Range
When you select a new checkbox called Skin tones, you have the option to have Photoshop automatically detect faces.

 Layer Search

Use lots of layers?  Now you can Search for specific layers using the new Search feature

  Print – 2.0

A completely redesigned print dialog

Print selected area is back and the selection can be adjusted in the print dialog.

When using Photoshop Manages Colors, the list of profiles is now filtered to hide profiles that are inappropriate for your currently selected printer

The user can change the “preview well” background color in the print dialog to better suit their needs.


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