Potential Exhibition for Portfolio of Greenland Night Photographs

Potential Exhibition for Portfolio of Greenland Night Photographs

I will show night landscape photographs taken in Greenland. Themes of permanence, transformation, and mystery are represented both in the images and hanging of the exhibition and are mirrored by the viewer’s experience through the space.

The exhibition includes two photographic groupings. The first includes about twenty-five 38×50” framed photographic prints; the second are dozens of unframed smaller prints. 

A large main space will house the larger pieces, which will be framed (but with no glass) in pristine white wood with a refined three-inch white border to highlight the eerie arctic beauty. Because most prints are dark, when entering the large room from the narrow hall, the photographs might appear as abstract and dramatic black-ish rectangles, but on closer inspection, reveal rich detail. This encourages the viewer to come intimately close to the prints for further exploration and discovery.

Potential Exhibition for Portfolio of Greenland Night Landscape Photographs, Rocky View

The second group, ranging in size from 5×7”, 8×10”, 11×17”, and 16×20”, will be displayed salon-style in a reception/hall/mezzanine area, pinned to the wall unframed, allowing for a more direct viewing experience. The prints themselves will be made with non-permanent paper and ink, making them susceptible to fading during the exhibition; the display up the wall mimics or references natural glacial formations. 

If available, a front room will have a mixture of both groups: a few framed pieces on one side; on the other, some pinned work staggered along the wall.

Displaying the work in this way–framed/unframed–is meant to draw a parallel between the pristine arctic environment and the fragility of the changing landscape. Although not a traditional conceptual piece, the hanging, display, materials, and viewing experience of the show help illustrate impermanence, mystery, and transformation, embodying themes of the photographs themselves. Also, the way the viewer navigates the space, especially as one enters the large Main room, is intended to elicit discovery and mystery

To attract additional interest, I could offer in-person lectures, talks, as well as presentations online or elsewhere. Also, the project will be shared on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook to further develop audiences internationally.

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