Recommended Exhibitions: Lucy Puls and Jonathon Keats in SF

I met both Lucy Puls and Jonathon Keats at Yaddo last year, both are having exhibitions in San Francisco, both running nearly concurrently. Besides that, there is little else in common.

Lucy Puls
Electric Works
130 8th Street San Francisco
Through November 26

Lucy Puls “In Repossessed: Brief Madness,” takes discarded photographs and objects from foreclosed houses and else where and makes collages; some objects–disposals, chandeliers, door locks–lovingly lovingly remade by hand from paper. The result are unique, dream-like objects that are simultaneously from the world and not of it.

Jonathon Keats
685 Market St., Suite 290
San Francisco, CA 94105
October 21-November

Jonathon Keats’ work is scientifically oriented with a conceptual bent. If I have this correct, there is Martian mineral water (infused with bits of Martian meteorite), cacti in asteroid soil and potatoes in the various mineral waters–are they alien?–and paintings based on signals picked up by the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

If you are in the Bay area, drop by them both.

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