Sponsorship Request: Fine Art Photography at Worldwide Sites of Climate Change Ice

Sponsorship Request: Fine Art Photography at Worldwide Sites of Climate Change

D  A  R  K  L A N D 

Steve Giovinco

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2021/2022 Sponsors:

Executive Summary

Project Summary

I seek support for fine art night landscape photographs made at international sites of climate change. In Fall 2022, I will spend a month each in The Netherlands and Washington State; during the last seven years I’ve worked in arctic Greenland (twice), France and the US. The resulting images will be presented locally, exhibited in galleries/museums, and published in a book. I’ve received grants and sponsorships, but require additional help, donations and pro-bono assistance for upcoming trips to and for completed projects. See below and Pages 2-6 for detailed information.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Media content, images and videos for your usage
  • Social media posts and sharing; talks, articles
  • Alignment with CSR sustainable/community project
  • Possible donated photo print valued at US$6,000

2021/2022 Sponsors

  • Netherlands-America, American-Scandinavian (grants); Bloedel Reserve (fellowship)
  • Gitzo (equipment), VisitGreenland, Apollo Satellite

Sponsorship Requests

  • Dutch Trip: Food/housing/30 days US$  3,500
  • Washington State Trip: Airfare US$  1,000
  • High-resolution Sony camera US$  6,000
  • Specialized equipment/monitor US$  3,000
  • Project promotion/PR US$  5,000
  • Post-project exhibition/printing costs US$  5,000
  • Book publication US$10,000


  • People/companies interested in art, photography, sustainability, environment

About The Artist

  • Steve Giovinco is a New York fine art photographer exhibiting for 30 years
  • Work in many public museum collections; was an Arctic Fulbright Alternate
Contact Information
Steve Giovinco166 Second AvenueNew York, NY 10003, USA

+1 347-421-7598info@ @stevegiovinco

Projects Details 


For the last seven years, I’ve made evocative night landscape photographs at sites of climate change around the world in Greenland (twice), France, Michigan and Wyoming (twice). The goal is to help visualize environmental transformation through ethereal images.

Upcoming projects include a month-long trip to The Netherlands in Fall 2022 at sites of flood-related infrastructure, and in Summer 2022 I will be working at Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island, Washington State (also a month). All projects are supported by grants, sponsorships or fellowships. 

Significance of Projects

The Netherlands: Since significant portions of the country have been reclaimed from the sea or it is vulnerable to water rise due to climate change. An intricate system of pumping stations–some more than one hundred years old–is part of the constant fight against rising water.  

Washington: Located in the Puget Sound across from Seattle, my focus at the Bloedel Reserve is on rare plant species susceptible to extreme climate. 

Greenland: Two trips supported by grants and sponsorships focused on rapidly changing primordial arctic land due to warming, impacting rising sea levels worldwide.

Since climate change is hard to grasp, my hope is that evocative photographs will help promote this crisis.

Creative Process 

Working in darkness requires exposures ranging from minutes to an hour or more, making it impossible to see through the camera’s viewfinder. Instead, I stand beside it “feeling” the image and intuitively framing it in the dark. This process can be meditative and revelatory. For the upcoming Dutch project, inspiration is from 16th Century landscape paintings. A further Netherlands connection is previous exhibitions at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and Reflex Amsterdam.

Sponsor Benefit Details

Media Content 

Photographs and videos of the project will be provided for your usage.

Social Media

Images, videos, comments, and live streaming will be actively shared in real-time and afterward on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to develop local and international interest. The sponsor will be tagged and/or mentioned.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

My project focuses on the environment, sustainability, and art, aligning with most companies’ CSR goals.


Talks, presentations, interviews, and blog posts will be given at arts and climate change-oriented organizations, such as the Yale Club New York (2017 lecture). Vice wrote about a past project and I aim to generate more.

Planned Exhibitions 

Photos will be made into a portfolio of 40×50”/100x130cm framed prints for exhibitions in Europe, New York and elsewhere. Institutions I’ve been in contact with include the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain in Paris; the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada; the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark; along with galleries in New York, North America, and Europe. I continue to reach out to many other curators, cultural institutions, and community centers. The sponsor’s participation will be acknowledged before, during, and after the shows.


A book on Greenland is planned with a publisher; other books are possible. The sponsor’s logo and special thanks will be included in the publication(s).

Donation of Print

A limited-edition fine art photograph, valued at US$6,000, could be donated. This could be displayed publicly, in a corporate office, or auctioned for charity.

Previous/Current Sponsorships

2021 and 2022 sponsors are: 

  • Netherlands-America Foundation (grant)
  • American-Scandinavian Foundation (grants)
  • Gitzo (equipment/tripod)
  • VisitGreenland (travel/housing)
  • Apollo Phone (satellite phone)
  • Bloedel Reserve (fellowship)

2021/2022 Sponsors:

Sponsorship Request Details

The grants cover only a portion of project expenses. However, sponsorship, donations, pro-bono help, partnerships or cash awards are needed for:

  • Dutch Trip: Food/housing/30 days US$  3,500
  • Washington State Trip: Airfare US$  1,000
  • High-resolution Sony camera US$  6,000
  • Specialized equipment/monitor US$  3,000
  • Project promotion/PR US$  5,000
  • Post-project exhibition/printing costs US$  5,000
  • Book publication US$10,000

The Fall Dutch project needs housing, specialized equipment, new battery packs, memory cards, and lens; the residency at Bainbridge Island, WA, requires airfare. Both current and past projects need specialized help from PR agencies. Ideally, a new Sony camera is necessary for higher resolution images. Post-production costs are for mounting exhibitions, and book publication is costly.

Covid Impact

Unfortunately, contacting Covid one week before my scheduled trip to The Netherlands lead to cancellations and unexpected additional costs. Covid also generated higher than expected airfare, doubling my anticipated budget. (An itemized budget will be provided on request.) 

Generous donations will allow me to complete this project I have been passionate about for a decade. I believe it is crucial to photograph and share these projects before the environmental crisis results in further damage.

Audience Details

The target audience is those interested in sustainability, art, photography, the environment, and adventure. They are educated urban American and European professionals who might find the photographic projects inspiring and see the sponsor as a progressive leader and engaged with environmental causes.

About Steve Giovinco

Steve Giovinco is a New York-based fine art photographer exhibiting for 30 years. His work is in public and private collections, including Brooklyn Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the California Museum of Photography. Steve’s photos were included in exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati; Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia; Winnipeg Art Gallery; White Columns; Sadler’s Wells, London; Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea. He’s a Fulbright Fellow Alternate, attended artist residencies at Yaddo, and received numerous grants. He was commissioned by one of the first blockchain art platforms, Monegraph. Giovinco earned an MFA from Yale University. 

Print Details

18×24”, Edition of 5; 2 AP. $3,500+

38×50”, Edition of 5; 2 AP. $6,000+

Sponsorship Photographs

American-Scandinavian Foundation



Apollo Phone 

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