6 Reasons Why Artists Should Visit Art Fairs

6 Reasons Every Artist Should Visit Contemporary Art Fairs

Artists: Here’s Why You Should Go To Art Fairs

There has been much debate in the art world, especially among artists, about the merits or lack there of, of the art fair.

What’s to like as an artist?  It’s cramped.  It’s hard to see work.  It’s a giant showroom.  Eyes glaze over after a few minutes.  But if work sells, artists can be more forgiving.

Here are a few reasons artist should attend the contemporary fairs.

1. It Is Your Industry

Yes, it’s a business.  The fairs are could be considered an abomination by some but they are the art industry’s “trade show.”  Lets call it what it is, as crass as that may sound.  And its important to be around your peers, galleriests, and collectors.

2. Spot Trends, for What it’s Worth

As an artist, it’s good to see what the current trends are, and fairs are a great way to take the pulse of the art world in a few hours or days.  See what’s there and then forget about it.  For example, this time around, there seems to be little photography in the booths.  What does that mean?  I don’t know, but it’s good to note it.  Does it mean I would stop being a photographer or shift my style?  Naturally, no.  But if I saw an artist somehow doing exactly what I was doing, I would need to know about it, for example, and maybe make adjustments.

3. See Who’s Showing Where

It might veer towards gossip but it’s good to know what galleries are showing what artists.  Maybe there’s a classmate from graduate school that you’ve lost touch will and see that they are showing at the Armory Show (reach out to them).  Or an artist you’ve been following has shift styles, and thus moved to another gallery.

4. Be Among Art

It’s just great to be among art, fellow artists, dealers, collectors, and art enthusiasts.  This point is actually very important, for me at least.  It helps me remember my main objective is to do my work, and the fair can be stimulating.

5. Think About Your Work

It’s also a time to think about your work.  For example, there might be a photographer that I see at the fair that I admire and like one of her pieces, but I would do something different.  Or I might look at the framing and see how I might change mine.  Or I could look at printing in a smaller size.

6. Imagine Your Work There

Lastly, it’s a great opportunity to think about your work being in a fair next year or on the gallery wall.  Who can you contact to show your work to?  Obviously, no one during the fair, but you often bump into someone who could be a great resource for your work.  It’s great to just think about what your work would look like hanging for others to see.

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